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We provide holistic financial planning services

Arrowroot Family Office in Michigan has the most comprehensive estate financial planning in the state.

Estate financial planning is the process of strategizing a plan that designates who will receive your estates and be in charge of your responsibilities after your death. Estate planning goes further than a basic will and involves specific details like powers of attorney, establishing trust, and decreasing the taxable amount of your estate.

AFO Michigan provides estate financial planning services that are straightforward so that you do not have to stress about what will happen to your assets after you are gone.

Arrowroot simplifies the estate financial planning process by:

Automating Documents.

Bespoke estate planning documents that are tech-enabled are generated in a fraction of the time it takes today. Review times can be reduced to minutes instead of hours. Using document templates with the same features that top lawyers and law firms currently employ with their clients, our documents retain the requisite flexibility for estates of all sizes.

Estate Fiancial Planning Michigan

Creating a Balance Sheet / Estate Visualization

Today’s financial planning software falls short when it comes to estate planning. Are assets held in a partnership? Are they GST-exempt? Is there an inclusion ratio? Get a clear understanding of the assets within an estate, who owns them, and any tax liability for larger estates. Share robust estate plans with your client that illustrates what to expect when they die.

Setting Reminders

Automated reminders that enhance client engagement. Is it time to update a client’s trustees or their overall plan? What about changing tax law? Crummy letters can now be automated so that they are not forgotten. GRAT payments and interest payment reminders and stage of evidence. Vanilla Reminders ensure that each client’s estate plan stays current and assists lawyers in remaining engaged each step of the way.

Establishing an In Case of Emergency Contact

Most families have one person who knows where everything is, potentially wreaking havoc in medical emergencies or the event of an untimely death. We provide you and your clients access to the important information they need to manage these periods of high stress. Simplified access to key information can eliminate the unnecessary additional stress caused by not knowing who to call or where important documents reside.


Create an estate plan with advisors at AFO Michigan if you want a simple, secure plan!

Diane L. Young

Managing Director

Diane began her career in finance in New York where she quickly became one of the first female sales managers at the firm. Over the span of her career, she has led a successful financial planning practice and a broker/dealer insurance agency.


She left her office overlooking Times Square in 2000 to return to her home state of Michigan. After working as Director of Financial Planning for a large financial services firm, she started her own firm. The Athena Financial Group was established in 2004 and grew to become one the largest female independently owned RIA in the state. In 2021, she merged her firm with Arrowroot Family Office. A natural teacher, her passion for education is tireless.


Diane has taught Certified Financial Planning credentialing courses at New York University. She has given educational workshops for dozens of corporations and organizations. She even published a book, Owning Your Financial Success: A Savvy Women’s Guide to Financial Empowerment and writes a monthly column for Community Lifestyles.


​In her free time, she enjoys boating, playing the piano, and volunteering in many civic organizations. She has raised two amazing children with her husband Randy, who is Associate Dean of Science at Macomb College.

Daniel Casey

Vice President

Dan began his financial career in Chicago, working for Edward Jones, where he built a successful practice.
He joined the Athena Financial Group, now the ArrowRoot Family Office because he wanted to work with a full-service, fee-only fiduciary firm that tailors to families, small businesses and professionals. In addition to financial planning, Dan is in charge of investment research and policy at the firm.


A native of Boston, he has a bachelor’s from the University of New England and a Masters from University of Miami (FL).

In addition to his passion for finance, Dan is a exercise physiologist with over a decade of expertise. His main passion points included working with athletes to improve performance, in addition to helping the general population with their overall health and weight loss goals.

At the root of Dan’s interests is a passion for helping people better themselves.

He and his wife, Bre, live in Royal Oak with their dog Cosmo. In their spare time they enjoy music, cooking, working out, playing instruments at home and traveling. Their goal is to visit at least two new places each year!

Your legacy and your value

We have sufficient knowledge and experience in all kinds of estates (mini, medium, or large).

We pay attention to every detail of your preferences.

Your goals and aspirations are our primary concern, and we, therefore, guide you to maneuver through the whole process.

Our Services

Estate planning is vital to eliminate doubts, uncertainties, and disagreements that usually greet the death of a person without an estate plan or will.

To avoid this, a good succession plan is inevitable.

Our services include

Financial Advisory Function

As renowned financiers, we stand in a fiduciary relationship with our clients and provide adequate information for reliance. We are responsible for the results of all plans and investments made based on our advisory functions. Hence, we take the utmost duty of care in all our dealings.

Financial planning

We manage your budgeting through effective control of your portfolios. One of the reasons people invest is to save against the time incapacitation sets in. Other than death, one may be incapacitated by an illness or old age, which may degenerate into forced financial dependence. Adequate planning and management would prevent this.


Good management of your portfolio means a good investment and excellent yields. We manage your wealth for proper multiplication. It is one of the most straightforward jobs for us to do.

Estate Planning

A good plan for the future starts from the present. We will take adequate care of your estate planning according to your demands. We provide advice that yields excellent results and takes proper care of your estate.

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Our goal is to preserve your resources to avoid wasteful spending and guarantee lifetime financial insurance. Your portfolio is of esteemed importance to us and which we diversify for efficient holding and security. We employ technological tools in our modes of operations and involve strategic planning for scoring you a perfect estate plan.