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Get the most out of your finances with clear objectives, an actionable plan, strategy, andinformed decisions.

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Plan, grow and intelligently distribute your wealth with our Financial and Estate Planning Services, Charlottesville, Virginia. With our Arrowroot Family Office (AFO), in Charlottesville, Virginia, your search for a financial and estate planning expert just got easier. 

Good financial and estate planning aids in healthy accumulation, protection and distribution of wealth. It is expedient for accountants who want clear cut financial goals and a defined pathway on how to achieve them. If you must build and sustain wealth, do it the right way. Onboarding the right service providers is the first step to getting it right.


Get the most out of your finances with clear objectives, an actionable plan, strategy, and informed decisions. In this day and age with loose financial education, unclear financial objectives, and other similar issues like cashflow budgeting, risk management, asset protection; a financial planner is more than a breath of fresh air. Rest assured in the quality and professionalism of our financial and estate planning services to lose the tension of financial and estate planning.

Mark McCarron, CFP

Managing Director

Mr. McCarron joined Arrowroot Family office in 2020 after founding and operating the independent advisory firm Bond Wealth Management, a comprehensive advice and investment management company. Prior to Bond Wealth Management, Mark worked in Credit Default Swap and Corporate Bond credit trading in New York City.


A Virginia native, Mark now lives in Charlottesville with his wife, Ashley, and their Labrador retrievers. He received a degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2005, holds the CFP® designation from the CFP Board, and is recognized by the National Association of Personal Finance Advisors (NAPFA). His insights on financial planning have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and WalletHub.

Your legacy and your value

At AFO Wealth Management Forward, it is a tradition to listen to the pain points of our customers, ask questions that clarify their values and what they would want as their legacy. Having a plan that secures your estate, answering who receives what you own in case of unexpected fatality isn’t just wise but a great show of love for your loved ones.

Our services in detail:

Our AFO Wealth management office in Charlottesville Virginia, provides residents with unmatched services to help them build, sustain and distribute wealth profitably. Having been in the business for a good number of years, we have proven templates and strategies on how we can best serve clients like you with our:

Our services include

Estate Planning:

Having a solid estate plan does not only touch your finances when you are gone but secures your financial future even when you are alive; this involves securing your assets and maintaining cash flow through tools such as annuities, Trusts, and life insurance. Thus, meeting your needs as well as distributing your wealth intelligently with respect to your values and legacy.

Financial Planning services

This service involves helping you get crystal clear financial goals and a roadmap on the best ways to achieve them. As well as financial education and advice on funding, retirement, risk management, cash flow budgeting, protection of assets and other financial measures.

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We also assist in monitoring your financial plan, making profitable decisions, risk assessment and implementation.  As well as making needed preparation for wealth distribution against unexpected fatality. Our financial and estate planning services cut across the high-end and the very grassroots of the society.  It is not discriminatory, irrespective of your financial state, it is a service open to all. AFO financial and estate planning Charlottesville Virginia is trusted to help you line up your financial plans with your estate plans.  We will spot and address commonly overlooked things that can resolve as a problem in the future or risk.