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We provide a range of services that help you plan

Arrowroot Family Office branch in Virginia

Arrowroot Family Office in Virginia ensures that your finances are taken care of, so you don’t have to! We operate on a holistic platform that allows us to focus on your big picture goals and entire financial situation through the assessment of several variables.

We provide a range of services that help you plan out your finances such as cash management, investments, educational savings, retirement savings, income distribution. Insurance coverage, and estate planning and trust needs. Whichever service you are looking for, AFO Virginia is here to help.


Our advisors work diligently to:

  • Create plans of action that address the area you are concerned with, which will help you and your family reach your goals and desired financial well-being
  • Look at your finances from a holistic point of view, as well as, offer insight into how one financial decision could affect the next
  • Follow your progress and make adjustments whenever necessary

AFO Virginia offers estate planning that is simple but effective. We automate all documents to reduce review times and remain flexible, as well as, create a balance sheet and visualization tools for your convenience and understanding. We also set reminders to enhance your engagement and establish a contact for emergencies.


Our estate plans go beyond the fundamentals but remain simple. Everything our advisors do is ensure that your stress about financial matters is reduced. We do all of the heavy lifting so that you can feel confident that you are financially secure.

Mark McCarron, CFP

Managing Director

Mr. McCarron joined Arrowroot Family office in 2020 after founding and operating the independent advisory firm Bond Wealth Management, a comprehensive advice and investment management company. Prior to Bond Wealth Management, Mark worked in Credit Default Swap and Corporate Bond credit trading in New York City.


A Virginia native, Mark now lives in Charlottesville with his wife, Ashley, and their Labrador retrievers. He received a degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2005, holds the CFP® designation from the CFP Board, and is recognized by the National Association of Personal Finance Advisors (NAPFA). His insights on financial planning have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and WalletHub.

Your legacy and your value

We have sufficient knowledge and experience in all kinds of estates (mini, medium, or large).

We pay attention to every detail of your preferences.

Your goals and aspirations are our primary concern, and we, therefore, guide you to maneuver through the whole process.

Our Services

Estate planning is vital to eliminate doubts, uncertainties, and disagreements that usually greet the death of a person without an estate plan or will.

To avoid this, a good succession plan is inevitable.

Our services include

Financial Advisory Function

As renowned financiers, we stand in a fiduciary relationship with our clients and provide adequate information for reliance. We are responsible for the results of all plans and investments made based on our advisory functions. Hence, we take the utmost duty of care in all our dealings.

Financial planning

We manage your budgeting through effective control of your portfolios. One of the reasons people invest is to save against the time incapacitation sets in. Other than death, one may be incapacitated by an illness or old age, which may degenerate into forced financial dependence. Adequate planning and management would prevent this.


Good management of your portfolio means a good investment and excellent yields. We manage your wealth for proper multiplication. It is one of the most straightforward jobs for us to do.

Estate Planning

A good plan for the future starts from the present. We will take adequate care of your estate planning according to your demands. We provide advice that yields excellent results and takes proper care of your estate.

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Our goal is to preserve your resources to avoid wasteful spending and guarantee lifetime financial insurance. Your portfolio is of esteemed importance to us and which we diversify for efficient holding and security. We employ technological tools in our modes of operations and involve strategic planning for scoring you a perfect estate plan.