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Arrowroot Family Office (AFO)provides substantial planning services geared towards effective management of your financial and estate assets

Outstanding financial and estate planning
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Arrowroot Family Office (AFO)provides substantial planning services geared towards effective management of your financial and estate assets. We offer quality professional and accessible services to guarantee you a greater future security. The need to secure the future is a good insurance of one’s time, money and peace of mind. Financial and estate planning, ensures effective distribution and management of assets. It is a great investment for future financial freedom and helps you achieve set goals and objectives.

With our team of experts in financial and estate planning, AFO provide impeccable financial and estate planning services for rational wealth accumulation in Charlottesville.


Financial planning and estate planning are forms of savings for the rainy days. Effective estate planning and financial planning increase your confidence about the future and ensure protection for your loved ones. It helps you avoid complications for your beneficiaries.


AFO assures you of a great planning. We are hardworking, reliable, and committed to guaranteeing long-term financial security and wealth accumulation. We offer lasting solutions to financial and estate problems to produce the maximum result. We have an established framework and a wide range of economic plans from which you can choose from.

Mark McCarron, CFP

Managing Director

Mr. McCarron joined Arrowroot Family office in 2020 after founding and operating the independent advisory firm Bond Wealth Management, a comprehensive advice and investment management company. Prior to Bond Wealth Management, Mark worked in Credit Default Swap and Corporate Bond credit trading in New York City.


A Virginia native, Mark now lives in Charlottesville with his wife, Ashley, and their Labrador retrievers. He received a degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2005, holds the CFP® designation from the CFP Board, and is recognized by the National Association of Personal Finance Advisors (NAPFA). His insights on financial planning have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and WalletHub.

Your legacy and your value

Arrowroot Family Office is one of the leading firms in Charlottesville, Virginia. We have a good working team who are committed to providing effective solutions to various clients’ needs. We pay attention to details and employ professionalism in our services. Our core values include quality service, accountability, good customer service and excellent planning strategy.

Our scope of services cover

scope of services cover:


We help you manage your assets by directing your portfolio for efficient distribution of investments and increased wealth accumulation. We have various products to assist you grow your portfolio while eliminating risks. We handle accounts and manage pool of investments to achieve desirable results.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is different from estate planning. It involves various procedures on capital requirement and management and creating a structure for long-term wealth creation. With financial planning, you can create a balance between your cash inflow and outflow and ensure good investments.

Estate Planning

It may or may not be in form of wills. It is a process of assigning administration of estate upon a person’s incapacitation or death. With a perfect estate planning, you can protect your loved ones against future exigencies. We take assets inventory, create an account structure for your needs and according to your preference and back this up with legal directives.


It is also a means of creating a will for the future. We offer instruments that allow for the transfer of assets at an appointed date. We create and administer the estate in accordance with the law and your instructions.

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