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Our services are in agreement with the laws of our state. Hence, we operate legally and professionally with our clients.

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There are no more significant assets than suitable investments. Also, good investments are not automatic. You will need the help of an advisory firm to put you on the right path. Arrowroot Family Office was established for this purpose. Our scope of services are tailored towards meeting the investment Advisory needs of individuals, corporate bodies, and government departments.


Investments deal with transactions and security exchanges. As a reputable firm with an office in Charlottesville, we specialize in offering factual and reliable information to our clients to secure securities. Our firm is the unity of first financial analysts, asset managers, wealth and financial managers, financial consultants who are experts in all areas of financial dealings such as mergers and acquisition, equities, and exchange. Our services are in agreement with the laws of our state. Hence, we operate legally and professionally with our clients.

Mark McCarron, CFP

Managing Director

Mr. McCarron joined Arrowroot Family office in 2020 after founding and operating the independent advisory firm Bond Wealth Management, a comprehensive advice and investment management company. Prior to Bond Wealth Management, Mark worked in Credit Default Swap and Corporate Bond credit trading in New York City.


A Virginia native, Mark now lives in Charlottesville with his wife, Ashley, and their Labrador retrievers. He received a degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2005, holds the CFP® designation from the CFP Board, and is recognized by the National Association of Personal Finance Advisors (NAPFA). His insights on financial planning have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and WalletHub.

Your legacy and your value

We offer varying services ranging from financial planning, estate planning, and trust administration to Investment advisory. Our in-depth market knowledge coupled with first-hand experience serving as investment advisory experts allow us to identify your pain points and how to proffer the best solutions.


Our objective is to make long-lasting impacts on the financial lives of various individuals. As clients, we know you deserve great investment results that is why take our time to understand your business model, and important pain points to create a unique approach to meeting your needs.

Our services

Our services include:

Financial Planning

It includes asset management and also involves investments. We provide all of these services efficiently through our expertise options. The law backs all our operations. We ensure this by taking cognizance of the state's provisions on investments and securities markets.

Estate planning

We also provide accessible estate planning services in Charlottesville using various strategic techniques.

Investment Advisory functions

We advise individuals, corporate bodies, and government agencies to make good use of their capital by investing, proffering solutions to tricky situations, and chase long-term goals. Our investment advisory plans include buying and selling of securities.


We constantly keep track of the security market analysis and results and determine the best investment for you. Whether sale or purchase, we assist you with in-depth information and analysis to make the best choices.

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