FAHMIA INC is now offering access to holistic wealth management services through our partnership with Arrowroot Family Office.

Arrowroot Family Office and Fahmia, Inc. have announced a strategic partnership that will allow Fahmia Inc. clients access to holistic wealth management services through Arrowroot’s AFO Wealth Management Forward Program. “Our program was built for forward-thinking accounting professionals such as Michael Fahmy. We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Fahmia Inc. to provide clients with high quality, holistic financial advice.” Michael Fahmy is a CPA and Attorney who manages Fahmia Law, Inc and Fahmia, Inc. a leading CPA firm servicing professionals and businesses in Torrance, CA.

About AFO Wealth Management Forward
The AFO Wealth Management Forward program provides accountants online and one on one guidance and tools to grow and diversify their revenue streams, expand and deepen client relationships and maintain their relevance in a tech-savvy world without dramatically increasing their workload or expenses. The program helps accountants create actionable plans to enhance the way they do business while reducing the chance of losing clients to automation or other service providers. “We saw a void in the marketplace and an opportunity for accounting firms to serve their clients better,” said CEO Rob Santos, ‘The family office model and holistic financial planning can now be attained by the average client, not just the super affluent.”

About Michal Fahmy and Fahmia, Inc
Michael graduated from University of California, San Diego at the age of 20. After graduating, he continued exploring his interests in accounting and finance by earning his CPA license and starting FAHMIA, INC with the goal to work with a broad range of established professionals and companies. He passed all four parts of the CPA exam on his first attempt, placing him in the top ranks amongst accounting professionals. While sustainably scaling up his accounting practice and working long days, nights, and weekends, Michael went on to self-study to become a CA licensed attorney. His unwavering focus and determination compelled him to pass the CA Bar examination on his first attempt, during the novel coronavirus pandemic. In parallel to managing Fahmia, Inc, one of the leading accounting and taxation firms in Southern California and servicing clients nationally and internationally, Michael also manages his business and tax law firm, Fahmia Law, Inc. In his spare time, Michael enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and traveling.

Michael Quote, “We are excited to work in tandem with Arrowroot Family Office to expand our offerings and add more value to existing and prospective clientele which seek advanced tax, financial, and legal advice. This symbiotic relationship will allow us to utilize modern technologies to streamline our client towards a more comprehensive financial solution.”

About Arrowroot Family Office
Arrowroot Family office is a registered investment advisor*. Arrowroot Family Office was designed with the goal of providing the family office approach to holistic wealth management, regardless of the client’s net worth. With a deep belief in the transformative power of technology and collaboration, the principals and staff of Arrowroot Family Office provide a high level of service, transparency, and value to its clients. For more information, please visit www.arrowrootfamilyoffice.com.