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Business Planning & Strategy

Business Planning and Strategy

Many small business owners mistakenly do not recognize the importance of seeking financial planning assistance.


Arrowroot Family Office can help you come up with financial plans not only for you individually, but also your business. By combining these plans, our advisors can recognize areas where your business can save money and you can create more personal wealth.


Ways to Save


There are many methods that our advisors will utilize in order to bring you more wealth. Such methods include:


  • Creating a plan for a business transition.
  • Maximizing your potential retirement benefits.
  • Strategizing to reduce taxes.


Each strategy is specific to the individual client and their situation. Our advisors will try to use all three to save you as much money as possible, but their benefits may vary. That is why it is crucial for you to reach out to Arrowroot so our experts can guide you through them all.


Strategizing with an Advisor


There are many steps involved with financial planning for businesses, but all of them are made easy at Arrowroot. 


  1. We sit down with you to fully understand and learn about your business, as well as, discuss possible areas of saving.
  2. We communicate with your accountants and lawyers to understand the capital structure of your business and whether or not the strategies in place are as effective as possible.
  3. We review and evaluate all of your financial statements to identify the areas of weakness and identify strategies for improvement. 
  4. We manage any risks by reviewing your insurance policies and ensuring that you are in compliance and protected by them.
  5. We help you establish retirement plans that fit you and your business the best, as well as, strategize different ways you can save on taxes.
  6. Lastly, we finalize your business plan and continue to monitor your progress and stability, adjusting areas when necessary.


There are many mistakes that small business owners can make when trying to handle the financial elements on their own. Arrowroot understands that small businesses are the backbone of our country and we are here to do everything in our power to help you achieve success. 


Please reach out to our office for any further questions you may have about financial planning for your business.