Divorce planning

Divorce Financial Planning

Importance of Divorce Financial Planning

People tend to feel alone when going through a divorce and while it can be an isolating life transition, Arrowroot Family Office is here to ensure that you do not have to figure everything out on your own.


There are numerous questions that arise when going through a divorce and it can be challenging to navigate them without expert opinions. Our goal is for you and your children to be protected financially when the dust settles. The advisors at Arrowroot can be your trusted fiduciaries to help you make those first steps.


Divorce Financial Planning Process


  • An advisor at Arrowroot will help you collect all of your financial documents and then help you determine what you want from the settlement.
  • The advisor works with your attorney to evaluate your tax returns and financial disclosures, as well as, those of your spouse.
  • They continue to search for ways to divide your assets and liabilities in a way that will set you up for the best financial future.
  • If your spouse offers a proposal, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of what it means for you now and in the future.


Action Plan for the Future


Once the divorce and settlement finalizes— the process does not stop. We will continue to work with you to establish a long-term action plan with your finances.


An advisor will help you:


  • Create a new financial and investment plan.
  • Set you up with an accountant to create a new tax plan.
  • Close joint accounts.
  • Rewrite a new will or trust.
  • Set new goals for your future.


As you can see, we are there every step of the way throughout this life transition and our Arrowroot advisors will always have your best interest at heart. Contact us to help you establish a comprehensive and a beneficial plan that will set you up for success.