Portfolio Review

Get Your Portfolio Reviewed

Get Your Portfolio Reviewed

Without expert opinions, it can be hard to tell if your investments are right for you. At Arrowroot, we offer portfolio reviews so you can be confident that your investments are generating as many returns as possible.


Our advisors will analyze your portfolio based on its diversification, returns, risk, and tax efficiency. We will then highlight areas of improvement and give you customized solutions to help you reach your goals.


How Can Portfolio Reviews Improve Returns?

Having your portfolio reviewed by a professional on a quarterly or yearly basis can help you ensure that your investments are staying on track. Many investors make the mistake of valuing their portfolio’s success on what the brokerage statement says. However, without knowing any further information, you do not have the full context of your portfolios performance.


You should be asking yourself: why is my portfolio up or down? And, what can I do to make it better?


Having your portfolio reviewed consistently by an advisor will give you a deeper understanding of your portfolio’s intrinsic value. The advisor will also offer an actionable plan to improve it— so it’s a win, win!


How Arrowroot Will Review Your Portfolio:


1. Analyze Your Situation


An Arrowroot advisor will meet with you to understand your situation and goals.


2. Review Portfolio


The advisor will review your portfolio and evaluate it based on numerous factors including: diversification, returns, risk, and tax-efficiency.


3. Creating a Plan


Once the portfolio has been thoroughly analyzed, the advisor will have recognized areas where your portfolio is struggling and where it is succeeding. This information will help them create a comprehensive plan for you to fix any areas of weakness.


4. Adjusting Your Portfolio


Once you and the advisor have devised a plan, they will help you make any adjustments to your portfolio necessary.


Don’t forget to come back on a regular basis to have your portfolio reviewed!


Arrowroot advisors will always have your best interest at heart when it comes to portfolio reviews. We are there to help and guide you through it because we genuinely want to see you succeed.