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Arrowroot Family Office specializes in helping different clients understand financial education planning in order to help individuals achieve financial success and independence for themselves or children. By understanding how to properly earn, save, spend, invest, and borrow, individuals can gain the ability to manage their finances for a lifetime of financial stability and security.

Through 529 plans, our financial advisors help their clients build personal budgets, specifically tailored to differentiate between wants and needs in order to keep spending under control and save money to pay for college education. This allows individuals and families to properly allocate their income effectively to achieve their financial independence and their financial goals.

At Arrowroot Family Office, we understand that saving and spending are important for clients. Spending is the reflection of our personal values, lifestyle, and financial behaviors. By assisting families in the creation, planning, and implementation of 529 college plans, our advisors are able to help families save for college education. A 529 college plan allows individuals to experience tax-free tuition programs for qualified college students. With a 529 plan, our advisors help families and individuals pay for k-12 tuition, college, student loan repayment, and apprenticeship programs. By using a 529 plan to save for college, families are able to save funds for college without impacting financial aid eligibility.
With a 529 plan, families can contribute funds that are invested in a selection of different investment options and opportunities. As the children in a family become older, our advisers work hard to modify investment strategies within the 529 plan to more conservative investment options. During all stages of adolescents, our advisors supervise and modify investments within the 529 plan according to the family’s time horizon. This way we can maximize the return on investment within a 529 plan while minimizing risk as the children in a family get closer to college age.
Our financial advisors at Arrowroot Family Office also recognize the benefits of saving for a college education, however, they also understand and acknowledge the financial challenges that many students face with financing for their college education. Through our expert services, we help our clients create valuable repayment plans to turn loans, and other alternative financing, to their advantage.
Our advisors realize that employment opportunities can often be scarce, especially in a time of financial uncertainty, making it difficult for individuals to earn enough money for their financial needs. This is why our experienced financial advisors help clients understand important concepts such as estate planning, wealth management, investment planning, and local, state, and federal individual income tax. While these concepts may be complicated, our advisors make it easy for individuals to learn and understand as they strive to walk each of our clients through different processes, step-by-step. With this essential information, our clients have a clear view of their total income and are able to manage their finances effectively to not only save for their financial needs but also for their retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

It refers to the combination of credit, financial, and debt management skills that are necessary for making informed financial decisions. It is about the ability to manage money, create a budget, and how to invest funds for future use.

There are five main components of financial education planning:

  • Prioritizing Saving Money
  • Basics of Budgeting
  • Understanding Debt
  • Financial safety & Identity Theft
  • How Investing Works

Every person needs to have financial knowledge and skills, from children, college students to investors and entrepreneurs. The main components of financial education are taught in colleges and universities. Financial education is also offered by Arrowroot Family Office financial advisors to adults and entrepreneurs who cannot attend colleges.

Financial education planning is important because it prepares individuals with the skills required to manage funds and ensure they do not struggle financially. It helps individuals take control of their debts and investments, learn how to budget, and avoid fraud. Without financial literacy, investors and business owners are left vulnerable to misappropriation of funds.

Saving is a great challenge, especially for individuals earning a low income. To save while on a tight budget, one should make small changes on the budget to reduce expenses. Focusing on long-term goals instead of short-term goals can help achieve personal goals by saving a small amount of money.

Borrowing for investment is an effective way of increasing potential returns for investors. However, borrowers should have a clear investment strategy to avoid incurring losses if things fail to work out.

Evidence shows that school-based financial programs are effective in improving students’ knowledge and skills in the management of finances. Other programs offered by company financial advisors have also helped millions of entrepreneurs gain exceptional knowledge on choice of investment, identification of frauds, and budgeting.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) outlines five key principles that underline financial education planning. They include; earning, spending, saving and investing, borrowing, and protecting.

Insurance planning is an essential factor in financial education that ensures individuals have a clear plan for protecting loved ones, their business, or property in case of an accident. Unexpected events such as job loss or death can be difficult to adapt to without an insurance plan. Therefore, financial education planning encourages the need for contingency planning to avoid being caught unaware.

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