Estate Planning

Secure your family’s future with our comprehensive estate planning services.

Arrowroot Family Office specializes in providing estate planning services that are simple and effective, allowing individuals and families to live in peace knowing that all estate planning needs are taken care of. Arrowroot Family Office was created for the purpose of finding solutions surrounding complex financial estate situations. Our financial advisors do so by optimizing asset reporting on one’s estate to minimize estate taxes. All Arrowroot Family Office advisors have years of industry-leading certified public accountancy experience with knowledge of various cutting-edge tax planning techniques. By combining these two aspects, our financial advisors are able to provide specialized and tailored estate planning solutions to put your estate at an advantage.

Our advisors identify the most effective approach when creating a trust or will to leave your important assets to your beneficiaries in the most optimal and hassle-free way possible. Arrowroot Family Office takes it upon itself to find the perfect experienced executor that fits all needs and requirements. Our office will also provide a qualified and capable power of attorney for all financial inquiries to take the burden off of your hands.
Arrowroot Family Office financial advisors are committed to looking out for our clients best interests and needs. Our advisors will help make sure that your wishes are followed in all steps of the process in order to avoid any personal disputes or legal issues between family members, ensuring a smooth experience for all sides, and taking the stress of off your shoulders.

Our Process

We continuously understand your goals, research solutions, and present strategies to achieve them. We also review and update your plan to remain relevant to your changing circumstances and market conditions.


Book your advisory call with your preferred AFO advisor.


Our team will meet with you to understand your financial needs.


We will collect as much relevant information as needed.


We’ll have an internal meeting to ensure a suitable strategy.


Prepare analysis, and present solutions and decision options.


Agree on the proposed plan. Start to execute your financial strategies & goals.


Log in to your dashboard to track your financials.


Regular 1-1 Q&As with your advisor.

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