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Arrowroot Family Office takes great care to provide transparent, data driven investment solutions for our clients and their families.

Investment Management the Arrowroot Way

Arrowroot Family Office’s investment management services are specifically designed for entrepreneurs and their families. However, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our client base. Our investment management solutions, powered by our advisors, enable families to make well-informed decisions about their investments, goals and financial plan. Our advisors provide high touch service coupled with our comprehensive reporting portal to help our clients understand the role, purpose, and return of each asset and account in your portfolio.

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

Arrowroot Family Office advisors have the team, strategies and technology to make your financial plan and portfolio transparent and effective. Our team has years of experience in developing and monitoring a variety of investment management strategies for an array of clients with differing circumstances, goals and values. We work tirelessly to provide custom made solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investment management is the process of handling various securities and financial assets. It also involves devising long-term and short-term plans to acquire and dispose of portfolio holdings.
Investment management helps people protect their hard-earned money from being eroded with time due to extravagance uses. It also helps grow money over a certain period of time in order to meet people’s financial needs. In a business, investment management ensures resources are allocated to the right uses to achieve the organization’s goals.
The fees associated with wealth management vary from one company to another. The cost is also based on the services that investment managers provide to the individual or a firm. Therefore, the cost of investment management is based on the dollar amount of the assets or funds that are being managed.
A tax-effective investment is a situation where investment income tax is less than the marginal tax rate. To achieve a tax-effective investment, investors should choose investments based on risks, financial goals, and expected returns.
Investors can reduce or defer taxes on their investment in a number of ways. These include reducing capital gains, income, and estate taxes. Investors should also consider tax-free municipal bonds, revisit asset locations, and maximize retirement plan contributions.
All investments can be marketed and turned into cash by making trades. There is no back-end penalty or fees, although a small transaction cost may apply at times. However, investors must note that marketable securities fluctuate, and market performance is not guaranteed.
Investment management services are conducted by an investment manager or an investment management company. The company or the investment manager develops a strategy to meet client’s needs by dividing their portfolio into different investment types such as bonds and stocks.
Families, individuals, and companies with many investments and assets need investment management to ensure they grow their money, earn higher returns and earn regular income after retirement.
Investment management services include portfolio analysis, monitoring of existing investments, asset allocation, stock selection, and financial statement analysis.

Our Process

We continuously understand your goals, research solutions, and present strategies to achieve them. We also review and update your plan to remain relevant to your changing circumstances and market conditions.


Book your advisory call with your preferred AFO advisor.


Our team will meet with you to understand your financial needs.


We will collect as much relevant information as needed.


We’ll have an internal meeting to ensure a suitable strategy.


Prepare analysis, and present solutions and decision options.


Agree on the proposed plan. Start to execute your financial strategies & goals.


Log in to your dashboard to track your financials.


Regular 1-1 Q&As with your advisor.

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