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Secure your employees’ financial stability and help them to achieve an easy retirement

Arrowroot Family Office specializes in building corporate retirement plans and assisting in retirement planning for business owners and entrepreneurs. Our financial advisors assist employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners with the creation and implementation of strategic financial plans to improve financial stability and allow individuals to achieve financial independence.

Arrowroot Family Office can help small businesses create wealth while saving money, providing business owners and their employees with tailored retirement plans to promote financial longevity.

Our advisors also communicate with business accountants and lawyers in order to understand the business’s financial structure and status to determine any possible cost-reduction strategies or avenues of saving. Further, Arrowroot Family Office reviews all financial statements and analyzes possible business risks to identify weak areas and necessary improvements. This allows for Arrowroot Family Office to finalize the business’s corporate retirement plan in order to set the business up for financial success. Corporate planning does not just stop with a corporate retirement plan. With periodic reviews, and monitoring of financial progress and stability, our advisors ensure that the business achieves its set financial objectives and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate retirement planning is the process used by individuals and companies to develop a course of action to grow, gain exposure, and increase savings for future use after retirement. Successful businesses use corporate retirement planning as a tool to leverage their resources over their competitors.
An effective corporate retirement plan combines vision and execution. It also fosters innovative thinking, risk anticipation, and ways of mitigating potential pitfalls.
Corporate retirement planning lays out the clients’ goals and objectives and formulates the strategy on how to achieve them. It helps businesses uncover different ways of improving their investment and profitability through better decision-making.
A strong corporate retirement plan consists of five key elements:
  • An executive summary.
  • The client’s description.
  • Vision, mission, and value statement.
  • Analysis of external and internal environments.
  • SWOT analysis of the company.
Although corporate retirement planning and strategic planning are interrelated, they also have major differences. Strategic planning involves the entire company, while corporate retirement planning involves the specific plans implemented by businesses to increase retirement savings.
Corporate retirement planning is necessary for businesses, agencies, and companies looking to help employees earn high savings for future use after retirement. Individuals nearing retirement need corporate retirement planning to gain a clear knowledge of saving strategies and the potential benefits and costs before making financial decisions.
Corporate retirement planning is performed by financial advisers, corporate planners, senior managers, and executive project managers.
A corporate plan should look as far as into the future of the business. Most companies prefer implementing a corporate plan that covers three to five years before review. This period allows businesses to identify areas of weakness and strength before deciding to develop a new plan.
The frequency of reviewing a corporate retirement plan varies depending on the reason for the review:
  • A monthly review aims to check the progress of the business and the key themes.
  • A quarterly review checks the progress of the whole corporate retirement planning details.
  • Annual reviews check whether the business is progressing according to the plan and if there is a need for change.
If employees’ pension plan is funded by the employer, the retirement income is taxable. Both individual income from earned incomes and retirement plans are taxed as ordinary income at a rate of 10 to 37%.

Our Process

We continuously understand your goals, research solutions, and present strategies to achieve them. We also review and update your plan to remain relevant to your changing circumstances and market conditions.


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