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Enjoy an extensive database of estate financial planning solutions from industry experts at Charlottesville. Our firm is made up of skilled professionals from various fields. Moreover, we are dedicated and committed to making a great future out of the present.

At Arrowroot Family Office, our services are accessible and affordable. We have a wealth of experience handling estate financial planning services, and therefore fit to help plan your estate financials.


Good estate financial planning ensures that you have a bliss life in the later future through guaranteed economic life. Hence, it is insurance that provides efficient distribution and management of wealth.

Mark McCarron, CFP

Managing Director

Mr. McCarron joined Arrowroot Family office in 2020 after founding and operating the independent advisory firm Bond Wealth Management, a comprehensive advice and investment management company. Prior to Bond Wealth Management, Mark worked in Credit Default Swap and Corporate Bond credit trading in New York City.


A Virginia native, Mark now lives in Charlottesville with his wife, Ashley, and their Labrador retrievers. He received a degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2005, holds the CFP® designation from the CFP Board, and is recognized by the National Association of Personal Finance Advisors (NAPFA). His insights on financial planning have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and WalletHub.

Your legacy and your value

The importance of financial security cannot be over-emphasized. The primary goal everyone wants to achieve with estate financial planning is to secure a promising future and protect themselves and their loved ones or intended beneficiaries.


Arrow Family Office is a reputable accounting firm that has provided solutions to many estate financial planning dilemmas. We have made our impacts in the accounting world and will continue to help our clients have a seamless experience with estate financial planning in Charlottesville.

Our services in detail

We offer various services that help you acquire more assets, accumulate wealth, and make adequate preparations

for the future through several technological means and tools.

There is a constant demand to stay relevant and updated in this present digital age, and as such,

our services are tech-driven and include:

Estate Planning

We employ our professional tools to deliver an impeccable service as regards estate planning. We ensure a smooth organization, management, and administration of estates, and we are involved with the creation and administration of trusts under law.

Financial planning

To achieve efficient distribution of financial resources and wealth, there is a need for adequate planning. Your status is what you make of your finances. We use our comprehensive analyst tools and expert knowledge to organize your spending, manages your investments for greater returns, and secured the future.

Investments Advisory function

We are skilled in investment management. We conduct adequate research and expand our wealth of knowledge to provide solutions to your financial situations. Investments include buying and selling securities, asset acquisitions, etc. Asset Acquisition is a form of investment, and we provide accurate information through detailed and thorough research and investigation to avoid wrong and illegal acquisition.


There are several investment options for you to pick from. Most laws provide detailed provisions on financial dealings. The law of Virginia is not different. We are registered under the state's laws, and therefore, our operations abide by the rules. We have a specialized team that oversees all legal processes and prepare or examines legal documents..

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