Documents Automated

Bespoke estate planning documents that are tech-enabled, are generated in a fraction of the time it takes today. Review times can be reduced to minutes instead of hours. Using document templates with the same features that top lawyers and law firms currently employ with their clients, our documents retain the requisite flexibility for estates of all sizes


Automated reminders that enhance clients engagement. Is it time to update a client’s trustees or their overall plan? What about changing tax law? Crummy letters can now be automated so that they are not forgotten. GRAT payments and interest payment reminders and stage of evidence. Vanilla Reminders ensure that each client’s estate plan stays current and assists lawyers in remaining engaged each step of the way.

Balance Sheet / Estate Visualization

Today’s financial planning software falls short when it comes to estate planning. Are assets held in a partnership? Are they GST-exempt? Is there an inclusion ratio? Get a clear understanding of the assets within an estate, who owns them, and any tax liability for larger estates. Share robust estate plans with your client that illustrate what to expect when they die.

ICE (In Case Emergency)

Most families have one person who knows where everything is, potentially wreaking havoc in medical emergencies or in the event of an untimely death. We provide you and your clients access to the important information they need to manage these periods of high stress. Simplified access to key information can eliminate the unnecessary additional stress caused by not knowing who to call or where important documents reside.

Better estate planning, plain & simple